Lessingia filanginifolia ‘Silver Carpet’

Silver Carpet

Silver Carpet flower

This selection of Lessingia is an excellent ground cover, looking good spilling over low walls, down steps, and filling in around the base of taller plants. A single ‘Silver Carpet’ can spread 3 to 5 feet in a year, while staying under 1 foot in height. It does not set roots as it spreads; we usually prune it back after flowering, but not excessively.

A profusion of small aster-like flowers cover the silver foliage in late summer (when many other plants are taking a break), continuing into fall. It is constantly visited by small butterflies, such as skippers (see photo below) and duskywings.

Lessingia can be found in coastal scrub, oak woodlands, and grassland communities up to 8500' in central, southwestern and Baja California. It likes full sun and is drought tolerant, although it is fine with supplemental water, as long as it has good drainage.

Silver Carpet

Skipper on Silver Carpet

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