Arctostaphylos Howard McMinn

A thriving wildlife garden is an ever-changing tapestry. For many years know we've been capturing those memories with digital photographs, including many close-up "macro" shots. These are the images you see in our presentations and on this website; we also license photos to books, nurseries, and other horticultural businesses.

We have photos of over 150 species and varieties of California Native Plants, over 100 salvias from around the world, and a growing collection of insects, focusing on butterflies including their larval (caterpillar) and chrysalis states.

Please contact us if you are looking for a specific photo or subject to license (there is generally no charge for licenses for scholarly or non-profit organizations, but please ask permission). To email us, please see the Email link at the bottom of any page.


We have literally followed the evolution of digital cameras, graduating from an Apple QuickTake (where you could almost make out the picture!) to a Nikon Coolpix 900, Canon G1, and more recently, Canon digital SLRs. We have followed a similar path with digital prints, and are currently (2010) using an HP Z3100 archival-ink printer.


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