Cassia purpusii


Cassia purpusii bloooms

This senna from Baja seems to bloom a little almost year-round – and especially during the winter months, when most other plants are either just waking up or going to sleep. Its rich yellow flowers give way to interesting deflated seed pods (photo 2 below) that remind one of peas.

This small multi-stemmed shrub (roughly 3' x 3' – see photo 3 below) is handsome even when not in bloom: Stems age to a rich manzanita-like red/brown, which nicely set off its small, round, stiff, blue-green leaves. Cassia purpusii (also known as Senna purpusii) like sun and is drought tolerant, although it take additional water in well-drained soil. A very nice accent plant; originally purchased from Theodore Payne, they also sell seed of it.

Our plant recently expired after about four years; we plan to replace it with Spiny Senna (food plant for the Cloudless Sulphur butterfly).

Cassia purpusii seed pod

Cassia purpusii wide shot

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